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Co-creation sessions with teenagers begin in Aalborg, Denmark

January 9th, 2024

The YoPA project intervention has began in Aalborg, Denmark, in December 2023, as planned in the project’s timeline.

Engaging in co-creation structured sessions, teenagers from two local youth centres are collaborating with facilitator Marie Louise to undertake an in-depth mapping of their local community system.

The photovoice exercise employed green frames 🟢 to represent spaces conducive to physical activity and red frames 🔴 to portray areas in need of enhancement.

This method provides participants with valuable insights, enabling them to identify strategic locations within their environment for increased physical activity engagement.

The co-creation sessions in Aalborg are planned to take place regularly until the end of June 2024.

The youth centres participating in the YoPA project are called Fritidscenter Gl Kongvej and Fritidscenter Bakken.

In Denmark, the University of Southern Denmark and the City of Aalborg are part of the YoPA consortium.