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South Africa


YoPA Soweto (ZA) has selected the local context for the program based on established relationships with a community-based partner who works with young people and stakeholders in the area. To recruit adolescents for the program, the Wits Health Hubb will be used, which is a part of the WHC and focuses on engaging young people who are not studying, working, or training. The recruitment will be carried out through existing networks with local organizations, healthcare units, and stakeholders. Additionally, young people will also be recruited through the youth initiatives that are already in place at the Wits Health Hubb. The services of the DLab, where the Health Hubb is located, will also be used for this purpose. While it may be more practical to recruit adolescents from the area near the Wits Health Hubb in Jabulani, Soweto, the program will not exclude any young person living outside of this specific area.