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YoPA 2023 highlights

February 1st, 2024

In January 2024, the YoPA consortium dedicated some time to reflect on the project’s progress, achievements in the first year, and priorities for the upcoming months.

This is the YoPA’s 2023 timeline, which includes all the executed deliverables from Work Packages 1, 2 and 5, as well as other important milestones for the project:

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A timeline from January to December 2023, highlighting each month and quarter.

January – Start of the YoPA project.

March and April – Deliverable 1.1 (Project Handbook), Deliverable 5.1 (Project Identity), Deliverable 6.1 (H Requirement No1), Deliverable 6.2 (POPD Requirement No2), Deliverable 6.3 (POPD Requirement No3) and YoPA website launch.

July – Deliverable 1.2 (Data Management plan) and Deliverable 5.2 (Plan for Dissemination, Impact and Communication)

September and October – Deliverable 2.1 (Co-creation protocol), YoPA video launch and First consortium meeting in Amsterdam

November – First meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board

December – Deliverable 2.3 (Submission package for co-creation), Deliverable 2.4 (Recruitment report for co-creation), YoPA Protocol paper submitted, Protocol registered in and Start of the co-creation meetings in Denmark


From March to December – 8 Scientific Partner Meetings

From April to December – 15 meetings on writing co-creation protocol and facilitating co-creation meetings with adolescents

From August to December – 5 Communication team meetings