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YoPA Project Presentation at CONNECTION Kick-Off

June 19th, 2024

On May 22nd and 23rd, YoPA’s PI, Prof. Dr. Mai Chin A Paw, from Amsterdam UMC, presented the YoPA project at the kick-off of the European research project CONNECTION, led by Prof. Dr. Carla Lopes of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (Portugal). Mai’s presentation focused on two main messages:

  1. Targeting System Disruption: Interventions are needed to disrupt current unequal systems and optimize local systems for healthy diets and physical activity.
  2. Engaging the Real Experts: The involvement of youth with lived experience is crucial for relevant change.

Prof. Mai Chin A Paw explained the YoPA project’s approach and its alignment with these objectives, emphasizing the importance of youth participation in creating impactful interventions.

Sharing ideas and collaborating between international research projects is inspiring and crucial for the urgently needed progress in our knowledge and practice.